8-25-2013  Added stahlman WF 05,

7-24-2013 - Added a few 1997 & 1998 yard pictures courtesy of Scott Reinard who worked in the

kitchen and then Health Lodge.

7-23-2013  - Added boat Harbor,

7-22-2013  - Added Bus Drivers, AY Yard Stahl, Archery, photo for the Dynasty Shirt, pool 2012

group, Pool shirt art 2012,

7-19-2013 added all kinds of pictures from the yards. Craig Con Yard, Craig Trading Post, Craig

Green Bar, en, Craig kitchen, Craig Water Front, Craig Key 3, Stahlman Key 3, Rangers,

Pool Staff, NRA Parnell, Admin, X-Wing Fighter in Curious Pictures, Craig Staff Picture with

missing people added.

7-9-2013 - Added the Kitchen Boys from Stahlman

7-8-2013 added the Boxwell Dynasty Art that made the T-Shirt

7-4-2013 - Added 2nd Stahlman TP pic, added pics of two hats,

7-3-2013 - Finally made a note here about all that I’ve done the past month. Added for 2013 season, Stahlman WF pic, Yard pics for kitchen, food truck, Health Lodge,  Craig TP, Cubworld TP, and Cubworld staff. Added Stahlman TP1,

7-28-12  - Added staff application to main page

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7-21-12  - added new Stahlman WF tower picture showing installation of Poseidon figurine.

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Rangers, Stahlman DH staff, Stahlman Key 3, Trading Post Staff, Admin. staff, Craig staff,

Cubworld staff, Stahlman staff

7-19-12  - Put larger HD in computer took 6 hours to copy files

7-18-12  - Added the Boat Build photo essay.

7-17-12 - Started Yard pics 2012, added Stahlman TP AM crew, Stahlman Handicraft,  Boat

Harbor, Shotgun, Bike Yard, Crab Yard, Carl Yard, Sailboat in Unusual watercraft, Orbit in pool, Stahlman WF Yard, Stahlman WF Photo & logo,

7-16-12  Added the cemetery photos in the section “I See Dead People”

8-12-11 Added a list of potential candidates to the Cast of Characters page.

8-9-11 Added Dr. Paul’s picture of eggs cooking on a canoe. added the Iraq scouting presidents

photo, added the picture of the Cubworld Pirate Ship at the Stahlman WF,

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for 2011, added the cubworld setup video 2011, added the Admin setup video 2011, Added the

Lake Cleaning video to the Stahlman WF page,

8-3-11 - Replace 2007 Pool Shark Graphic shirt scan with the actual art,

8-2-11 - replace the Rowing MB pictures with color versions, added Craig picture setup video,

added the shirt art alongside the pool staff photos, added boat harbor shirt art,

7-31-11 - Added 2001 craig staff photo courtesy of Ranger Terry Finchum, added Eric Hersh and Kyle Duckworth to the bookmakers section - from the new scout handbook, added new picture of

the rock LG tower.

7-28-11 - made update to knot tying page, started BookMakers page, put balloon test next to

Carl Call the Crab, put Walter P. in the cast of Characters, Added photo setup video for

Stahlman Staff, Added the hat page, added Stahlman WF 2010 & 2011,

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8-18-2010 - Added yard pictures and new pool staff picture.

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9/25/09 - It’s about time. There’s enough to interest people and keep them looking for a while. So I might as well do something to keep them coming back. So here’s the ‘What’s New’ page. I looked at a more complex Blog style page and decided this would be easier for right now. So make a point of looking here to see what I’ve changed.

9/25/09 - Added the NCS 1969 Picture and page.

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